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Hello there!

I am Charlotte, founder and creative director of Jarega Interior & Designs. With a strong creative eye and a passion for all things interiors, I design spaces that embrace both form & function with an added touch of that little something you didn't know you needed.
I moved from Kent and settled in Manchester 10 years ago. After living in the Middle East and Europe I have been able to appreciate different styles and cultures that can be woven into my designs. I believe a home should reflect its owners. It reflects our travels and is an ever-evolving hub of creativity filled with a mix of vintage and modern pieces. We love it.

Prior to becoming an interior designer I worked in financial services. When I had my first son I found my work-life balance was thrown upside down trying to juggle all the responsibilities and pressures leading to my anxiety. I realised this needed to change. I wanted an escape during down-time and be creative at home. 

I put my experiences into practice when I bought a 1930s house which needed a full renovation. It wasn’t where I thought I’d end up, but the opportunity to extend, reconfigure the space and fully renovate, transformed it into our home after some blood, sweat and tears.

I went back to education and I am now an immensely proud owner of a Diploma in Interior Design. After creating my beautiful home and space I developed a passion for creating something unique and special for others too.


Using all the skills I have learnt along the way - parenting skills included, I can redesign your space into something you love. A space that embraces both form & function you can truly call your very own. 



- Charlotte x 




We were absolutely delighted to get a 12 page editorial feature in the Real Homes March 2020 Edition. Please click on the link below to see the online version. 

Charlotte and Adam Jarega extended and reconfigured their frumpy 1930s house to make way for a modern, family-friendly home

Abbie Henderson